Twins!? I mean seriously, TWINS! What a privilege! If you have been following along my journey, you know by now that I just love photographing newborns. And, what could get me more excited than to photograph twins?

Frederic and Francis arrived at 31 weeks and had to stay in the NICU for a couple weeks. Once they came home, Jared and I headed over to photograph them. Photographing one newborn is tough, but photographing TWO had me sweating. 🙂 It was well-worth it though, and these are some of the sweetest pictures. I am so excited to see their bond develop as brothers in the years to come. My heart was exploding, and I bet yours will be too!

N4 N5 N10 N11 N15 N24 N27 N28 N30 N40 N45 N49 N20 N43 N53