We had been anxiously awaiting for Aubrey’s arrival, and we were delighted when she arrived. I was able to see her in the hospital the day after she was born, and already she was cute as could be!

On the morning of her photo session, we got a snow storm! I made it to Aubrey’s parents’ house before the snow got worse and decided to stay a little longer than normal till the roads cleared up (let’s be honest, I really just wanted to snuggle the new baby).
At 5 days old, Aubrey slept the entire time and only woke up when she was hungry. What a life, right? Her photos pretty much capture how chill and relaxed of a baby she is.
It’s been a wonderful journey to see how Aubrey’s M&D have adapted to parenthood. They’ve been blessed with a beautiful baby girl and she has been blessed with some awesome parents. 🙂
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